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Sumireko is voiced by Ami Koshimizu She and her sister who are Nozomu's childhood friends and was his next door neighbour in there childhood. She and her sister also attend the same school as Nozomu, Keisuke Kosaka, Yura Sakurazuki and Kira Sakurazuki throughout the anime. She and her sister live in a house with there parents. They are in third year of middle school.


Sumireko doesn't put her hair in a ponytail like Kauroko



In kindergarten She and her sister said they would both marry him when they grow up.

Role in Plot


Nozumu Futami

She and her sister harbor secret feelings for Nozomu.

Kaoruko Ichijō

Although she and her sister are close, they keep their feelings secret from each other and everyone else.

In Episode 05: Time Starts To Move,

Ai Momoi

Kira Sakurazuki

Koi Chigusa

Mai Momoi

Juntarou Gonda

Miyabi Hinagiku

Mrs Futami

Mrs Ichijō

Mrs Sakurazuki

Rara Hinagiku

Ruru Hinagiku

Sara Shirogane

Sōju Shirogane

Ui Chigusa

Yura Sakurazuki


Ichijō Extreme Fan Club

Keisuke Kosaka


Mr Chigusa

Mr Futami

Mr Ichijō

Mr Sakurazuki

Yūya Hiyama


  • They have a fan club they don't know about.
  • They are in third year of middle school.