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There's a curse which involves shrine of the temple which that houses a legendary stone that was rumored to have been the place where a pair of twin girls turned into birds. The stone is also rumored to be the cause of an abundance of twin girls who are born in the town. The twins who turned into birds did so because of their love for a man who couldn't choose between them because there are two of them.


A long time ago a set of twin both fell in love the same man. Both of them shared the same feelings and the same love for that man. The young man couldn't decide between his feelings for the two girls, so both of them were saddened and didn't know what to do. The twins became small birds and flew off into the sky. Because of this legend it's rumored because of it that a lot of twin girls are born in this town because the grave of the twins is at the shrine.

Grave of Twins

It's the grave of the twins who became small birds.