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When he was a child who lived in his town with his parents and is a next door neighbour and childhood friends of the Sumireko Ichijō and Kaoruko Ichijō who he had loads of fun with. One day he made a promise to them that when they grow up he will marry them both. One day he had to move to Tokyo and left his hometown.



Role in Plot

After a few years later it's unknown when his mother died and his father had a transfer to work in Hawaii for two years in an astronomical observatory. Since his father made so many sacrifices ever since his mother died to raise him so he decided to let him concentrate on his work for once and ask him to let him to move back to his old hometown to live with Miyabi Hinagiku, Rara Hinagiku and Ruru Hinagiku. After a shop incident involving the Yura Sakurazuki and Kira Sakurazuki think he was a thief who stole there purse after he tried to return to them after they dropped it and he mistankely thinks those twins were the Ichijō twins he went to where the Hinagiku's live which there house is near ashrine which houses a legendary stone which say holds a legend and curse called Curse of the Twins. After shortly Nozomu enters town he begins to run into the same problems as six pairs of twins begin to fight for his love.


Ai Momoi

Kaoruko Ichijō

Kira Sakurazuki

Koi Chigusa

Mai Momoi

Juntarou Gonda

Miyabi Hinagiku

Mrs Futami

Mrs Ichijō

Mrs Sakurazuki

Rara Hinagiku

Ruru Hinagiku

Sara Shirogane

Sumireko Ichijō

Sōju Shirogane

Ui Chigusa

Yura Sakurazuki


Ichijō Extreme Fan Club

Keisuke Kosaka


Mr Chigusa

Mr Futami

Mr Ichijō

Mr Sakurazuki

Yūya Hiyama



  • He's in third year of middle school.
  • There is a running gag in the show in which Nozomu fantasizes about him with a pair of twins. He acts out his fantasy in real life in front of a mother and her son, who calls Nozomu "funny onii-chan."
  • For some reason, everyone seems to be completely blind to the fact that Billy hates Nozomu.