She and her sister father is a veterinary doctor and they help their father in the clinic. She and her sister appeared in episode 4.

Koi Chigusa is Voiced by Natsuko Kuwaya.


Koi has a braid and round glasses.


Role in Plot

Nozumu Futami meet them when he takes Billy to the vet clinic after he ate a fax addressed from the Sumireko Ichijō and Kaoruko Ichijō to Nozomu which got it stuck in his throat.


Nozumu Futami

Ai Momoi

Kaoruko Ichijō

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Juntarou Gonda

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Mrs Futami

Mrs Ichijō

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Sōju Shirogane

Ui Chigusa

Yura Sakurazuki


Ichijō Sisters Fan Club

Keisuke Kosaka


Mr Chigusa

Mr Futami

Mr Ichijō

Mr Sakurazuki

Yūya Hiyama


  • She and her sister are in third year in high school.