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Her and her sister appeared in Episode 01 - The Town with the Twins' Grave.

Kira is voiced by Yui Itsuki


Kira has red ribbons



It's explained during the story that these twin girls lived a luxury and rich life together in their mansion. Their father travels often on business trip and employs their butler to take care of them. They undergo many trials written out by their father so they are able to fit into society and live as normal high school girls as it's one of the rules of the Sakurazuki family for the girls in the family that when the girls in the family reach the age of fifteen they must go experience a normal life. In the first episode they are fifteen years old but both of them have never been in a convenience store. She and her sister mother died when they were five because of an illness.

Role in Plot


Yura Sakurazuki

Unlike Sumireko and Kaoruko, Kira and Yura work together to win Nozomu's favour.

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  • They are in third year of middle school.