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It first aired on December 29, 2004.


After Nozomu hears the confession of love from the Ichijō and Sakurazuki twins, he doesn't know how to react to their feelings. Soon after he goes to the rock at the shrine which represents the "legend of the twins who loved the same man". He blames all that has occurred on the "Curse of the Twins". Then Miyabi notices Nozomu and lectures him on how he was just trying not to get hurt himself and blaming all this on everyone else's feelings. After realizing his mistake Nozomu chases after the Sakurazuki twins who are on their way to finalize their transfer. Kenmochi who is driving the car doesn't stop for Nozomu. Finally after Nozomu's gets tossed off his bike Kenmochi stops the car. Nozomu starts begging Kenmochi to stop the transfer. Soon after all of the Sakurazuki twins' classmates arrive and Kenmochi reconsiders. In the end the Sakurazuki twins and Ichijō twins agrees to being rivals for Nozomu's love and the story ends with Nozomu thinking how great it was he came back to this town.