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It aired on October 6, 2004.


Nozomu comes back to the town he grew up before his mother died. He sees a pair of twin girls whom he thinks is his old childhood friends, the Ichijō twins. He realizes they are not his old friends after following them but when he tries to help them after they unknowingly lose their purse in a convenience store, he is accused of being a thief. After he leaves it turns out that he was wrongly accused. He meets his carer, Miyabi, and the Hinagiku twins with whom he will be living, along with their pet goat Billy. He finally meets the real Ichijō twins who call at the house. Later when he starts school as a transfer student, he meets the twins he met in the convenience store who are also transfer students. They introduce themselves as the Sakurazuki twins. He also meets Ai, his teacher, and Keisuke, another old childhood friend.