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The Hinagiku twins' pet goat.



Role in Plot


Nozumu Futami

He initially developed a dislike for Nozumu because of Rara and Ruru affections for the main character and often showed his disdain for him by means such as eating his homework, headbutting, or biting him. As the series progresses, Billy and Nozumu develop a friendly rivalry.

Ai Momoi

Kaoruko Ichijō

Kira Sakurazuki

Koi Chigusa

Mai Momoi

Juntarou Gonda

Miyabi Hinagiku

Mrs Futami

Mrs Ichijō

Mrs Sakurazuki

Rara Hinagiku

Ruru Hinagiku

Sara Shirogane

Sumireko Ichijō

Sōju Shirogane

Ui Chigusa

Yura Sakurazuki

Ichijō Sisters Fan Club

Keisuke Kosaka


Mr Chigusa

Mr Futami

Mr Ichijō

Mr Sakurazuki

Yūya Hiyama


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